After being married for 7 years to an abusive man, going through 5 years of infertility to eventually do IVF to have my daughter and a seeing him through cancer treatment I found out my husband had been cheating on me the whole time we were together. I packed up my daughter and walked out of my life.

About a month later I met the most incredible man who protected me and made me laugh every day. At first, we were just friends him listening to my heartbreak and worries while going through a very nasty divorce. Soon we knew we needed to be in each other’s lives. We dated for 3 years getting to know and love each other’s children.

On Christmas Eve of 2017, my fiancé waited till all the gifts had been opened and asked me to close my eyes. I opened them to him on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. He asked me in front of our kids to be his wife. After years of heartbreak and sadness I know I am finally where I was meant to be. Planning our wedding is one of the best times of my life.