Taylor & Brielle


Taylor is currently serving in the United States Navy Active Duty. So while he was stationed in Pensacola, FL for A-School, Taylor flew me out to Pensacola for a weekend of relaxation. I am currently a college student, double majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice, so the relaxation is exactly what I needed. He pampered me from beginning to end. He bought me a first class ticket (I had never flown first class before), took me on a shopping spree, took me out to eat twice simply because I adore food almost as much as I adore him, and finally ending the evening with a two-hour massage and deep tissue treatment. I fell in love with Taylor all over again and I thought there was no possible way to be any more in love with him.

The night he proposed, he told me to get dressed because we’re gonna go to dinner and eat again lol. I was delighted and got dressed. He told me he was coming back, he had to get something from the car. He was gone for about 20 minutes and I was getting a little worried. Finally, he called me and said a cruise ship was passing through Pensacola beach and wanted me to see it. I ran to the beach only to find no boat and no one there but him. He was surrounded by Rose petals that made a giant heart as well as candles leading up the petals. He told me from the moment he first saw me, living without me would be impossible. He got down on one knee and popped the big question. I cried and cried and then danced. Best... Day...Of..My...Life