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There's so much we love about San Francisco City Hall.  The simplicity, the elegance, the exquisite love of San Francisco itself.  Besides the simplicity of a city hall wedding, the blow-you-away beauty of this impressive building makes it an easy choice for spending the most special day of your life.

LadyMarry offers two City Hall wedding packages for you:


How to get married at City Hall - Q&A


We are well versed in every detail and are happy to guide our clients through every step of the process.


Q: How to get a marriage license in SF City Hall?

A: Please make an appointment on SF City Hall official website and remember to bring valid IDs.


Q: How to make an appointment online?

A: Please click the link below for reservation:


Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:15 am to 3:30 pm and are held in Room 168 on the first floor of City Hall. Remember to bring your IDs!



Q: How much does it cost for a marriage license?

A: SF City Hall charges $104 for a marriage license. There will be additional $83 for ceremony reservation fee (Price may vary, please check the official website for details).


Q: When is the best time to get my marriage license?

A: We recommend you get your marriage license ahead of time and schedule your ceremony with 90 days of receiving your marriage license.

You can always purchase your marriage license on the wedding day, before the ceremony. Just make sure to schedule your license appointment at least 30 minutes before your ceremony appointment.



Q: When do we need a witness?

A: If you are getting a public marriage license, you need a witness for your ceremony. The witness must accompany you prior to the ceremony when you apply for your marriage license before your ceremony time.

Please arrive at least ten minutes early, to give yourselves more time. If it’s just going to be the two of you, we would love to be your witness as your photographer:)


Q: How many guests can I bring?

A: Civil ceremonies (public) permit up to six guests.
     One-hour (private) weddings permit up to 100 guests.
     Two-hour (private) weddings permit up to 200 guests with an extra fee for each guest.
     Evening and Weekend wedding guest count completely depend on upon the area used at City Hall.



Q: How much does it cost for a ceremony in SF City Hall?

A: Cost for civil ceremony (public) = $83
     Cost for one-hour wedding package (private) = $1,000
     Cost for two-hour wedding package (private) = $5,000
     Cost for evening or weekend weddings (private) = varies

(Price may vary, please check the official website for details).


Q: Where is the ceremony location?

A: On the day of your ceremony, check in to Room 168 inside San Francisco City Hall.

Civil Ceremonies (the popular public ceremonies) are held on the Rotunda at the top of the grand central staircase.
Private ceremonies have more flexibility. For weekday ceremonies, you can have your wedding on the Mayor’s Balcony, 4th Floor North Gallery or the 4th Floor South Gallery.


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