It was the month of November and realized we hadn't gone on a date for a few weeks due to each others schedule so we decided to recreate our first date since my fiance thought it went horribly the first time around...Little did I know what would happen at the end.

We did just about everything we did on our first date. We went to Old Sacramento and walked around the shops and talked. We headed to the train museum and walked around there for a bit then headed to lunch. After lunch, we should have headed to the State Capitol building but instead, he decided to do that later. So we spent the day running around Sacramento and he kept mentioning how he didn't feel well. It came to the end of the day and he was like I am sorry we didn't go to the Capitol building today...I told him it was okay and we should head home since he didn't feel well. He suggested we at least go walk around the outside of the capitol building since we didn't make it in time to at least make up for not going inside. I said okay as long as he felt well enough.

So we made it to the capitol building and were walking around the outside and he joked about us going inside since it was already closed and we didn't make it inside. As we walked around we came to the public entrance and there was Capitol protection officer inside and he said "oh look I think I know that guy let me see if I can get us in! Wouldn't it be cool if we can walk around alone inside??!!" I tried to stop him but he was already on his way to "try" to get us in. Well, he got us in...So we walked inside and he ran to the bathroom and then as we were walking he stopped inside the dome and turned to me to tell me he loved me and next thing I know he is down on one knee asking me to marry him! Of course, I said yes! Then he told me to look up and our families were upstairs on the second floor watching the whole time! It was such an amazing and fun night, for sure one I will never forget. :)