Dwaine & Andrea


How I proposed wasn't easy, from coming up with the location and time. I had several locations in mind, but I felt like I was over-thinking the location and not focusing on how it'll come/happen. So, I remembered that she is a sentiment and sensitive person, "why not do it where you had your first date". Boom! I've contacted those who had played a major part in our relationship and informed them what was about to happen and where. Now, when that day finally came, of course, I'm playing calm and ready "just a normal day".

Counting down to the time, I started to place images that I drew on these note cards in different stops. These images were just little things that we've shared in our relationship movies, characters, food, date nights, etc. When the word came that she has arrived, my nerves wanted to go into high gear. When she got to the "THE SPOT" everything was moving at a slow pace. I started to speak and I know that I can talk a long time about something I am passionate about. It felt like I was talking forever, but afterward, it was only 2 mins. Once I finally got to the part where I get on bended knee, her face lit up and I know I made the best decisions. Why I chose her is because I knew in my heart that it was nobody but God that allowed this to be and I wanted to seal the deal with my chance.

She is this amazing person who puts on a facade of shyness (which is not the case). She has this light about her that whenever she walks into a place she lights the place up. She walks with confidence, commanding attention the attitude that she has is pursue something with whole heart. I chose her because she is passionate about showing Christ and putting him on display, passionate towards the same things I am. In sense, we are just alike and different in many ways. She motives and encourages.

I knew the moment I couldn't spend my life without her is when getting off of work one day and it was date night she had made food and told me "lets go", grab my hand and the car keys and proceeded on with the date. It wasn't the fact of the food she made or the date, I was in complete awe because it was the first time to have my girlfriend take me out on a date. For someone to go out their way just for me was unreal for me. The care and passion she has for me, amazes me. A small kind gesture goes a mile. I have always done so much for others with no appreciation and here she was showing love to me just because she is that kind of person. It was that moment that I wanted to go beyond for her because who she is deserves nothing but the best. I could see myself with this woman and going on date after date after date.