Sarah & Allyson


I knew Sarah was "The One" the day she was simply putting her hair into a ponytail. What is usually deemed as such a routine task, suddenly turned ornate and I saw that she was inexplicably perfect. We shared the same passions for sports, travel, dogs, beer, and live music; particularly the group Odesza.

Fast forward roughly a year later and talks of getting married had become more of a common topic of conversation. We had planned a spontaneous anniversary/girl’s trip with my sister and her best friend to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado to see Odesza perform. Having been to Red Rocks the summer before, a concert there was a magical experience I wanted to share with Sarah while she also got to cross it off her bucket list. Little did I know what Sarah had planned for me. About halfway through the show, Odesza begins playing “Say My Name”; a song Sarah and I both know all too well. We both get excited, dance a little and enjoy the music. Sarah then says, “I need you to read this” and hands me a neatly folded letter. As I stand there finishing the letter it ends with, “I want to dance with you forever… so I’ll take a chance”--a spin on lyrics to the song that’s playing. I look up from the letter to see Sarah down on one knee holding out a ring. In a sold-out crowd of 10,000 people, in that moment, she was the only person I could see. As the words, “Will you marry me?” flowed from her lips I couldn’t help to jump up and down and say “yes” fast enough. The crowd around us began to cheer, pictures were taken and it was over just as quickly as it began.

The song ended, the venue eventually emptied and everyone was left with nothing but a night and memories to reminisce on. I went home fortunate enough to know I get to make many more beautiful memories of the night at Red Rocks with my best friend, my person, my soulmate forever.