My fiance and I met in December 2012, and a month later, we took a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii. We stayed at the King Kamehameha hotel, which was right on Alii Drive strip in Kona. Every night we would go sit out on these chairs right on the beach that overlooked the ocean and just talk and watch the sunset, and it was the most magical, peaceful place. We just sat there and talked about how grateful we were to be there together, and I knew then that I loved this man and wouldn't want to be there with anyone else. We just clicked so well and had the best time doing anything together.

We went back in May 2017, but this time, we had our 6-month-old daughter with us on our trip. I got there a week earlier than him because he had to stay for work, but the day he arrived, I picked him up and the airport and we went out for a beautiful sunset dinner. The next day, he had planned a trip to the most beautiful beach, so we made a day of it there and just relaxed in the sun. Afterwards, as we were driving back to our condo, he told me that he wanted to go take a walk along Alli Drive, so we stopped, and got our daughter strapped up in her car seat and went strolling along. We stopped along the way to get shave ice and check out some amazing jewelry stores to look for a bracelet for his niece, all the while I was going on about him getting me an engagement ring, not knowing he had already gotten me the perfect one. 

As the sun was setting, he started acting nervous and saying how he really wanted to go down to the beach at the King Kamehameha Hotel, so we hurried down there before sunset. We walked over to those same chairs that we had fallen in love back when we took our first trip there, and as we were reminiscing about when we first met, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and proposed to me right there. My first thought was that he was joking, but he kept reassuring me that this was real and that he knew it would be the perfect place to ask and that having our daughter there to be apart of it was just that much more special. What made it even more special to me was that he knew me so well and knew that I didn't like the spotlight on me, so he did it somewhere private and so meaningful to both of us. Right there at the same place, we fell in love, with the same beautiful sun setting behind us, with the most precious creation that we made together, our daughter. Not to mention, there were the King tides that hadn't happened in over 100 years in Hawaiian history that were absolutely beautiful on our walk back. He also managed to buy the ring while he was still back on the mainland so that I would have no idea of the proposal.

The ring was so perfect and thought out. He knew that my favorite color is rose gold, so he got me a crisscross rose gold band with diamonds on it and a square shaped diamond in the middle, with little diamonds surrounding the outside of it. It was the perfect proposal ever and it was so incredibly special to the both of us. Since the first day I met him, he has told me that God told him I was the one, and there's no one out there that I would rather be with. He is the most amazing person and the greatest father to our daughter who is now 15 months old. I am just so lucky and blessed to have found such a sweet, kind, hard-working, and thoughtful man like he is and I know that he will be the one I grow old with.