We met when we were 12, he has my first kiss. We started to officially date when we were 15 in 2012. Our anniversary is July 4th. Well, we were getting ready for a 4th of July party on July 1st. I was already, but he wasn’t. He took his time getting ready, then he took his time driving there. He even pulled over thinking something was wrong with the truck. He did whatever he could to be late. I was defiantly not the happiest person at that moment. When we finally got to the party, he took off and left me with things to carry. When I walked in, it was dark and the song My Girl was playing by Dylan Scott and I walk over and there he was on one knee, surrounded by all of our loved ones. What I thought was a 4th of July party, ended up being our engagement party! I love telling people that story and I can not wait to marry the love of my life.