It was on May the 7th of 2017. My fiancee and I had scheduled a professional photo shoot to be taken at Manhattan beach California that afternoon. The morning of the shoot I looked outside and the sky was dark grey and very moist outside. I got a call from the photographer asking me how the weather was out where we were because it was raining hard where she was coming from. At that time it was around noon and the scheduled session was at 3:30 pm. I said it hasn't begun to rain yet so we are okay out in this area. Speaking to soon not even 30 mins later the sky started to pour rain like I've never seen. My fiancee was in the restroom fixing herself up and look great and all done up. She asked me if we could maybe do it another day since it was coming down pretty hard. Now my fiancee didn't know that this session was going to be a proposal shoot, she just thought it was just for random pictures together. I simply told her no that the photographer said she could still take some under the docks and we will be fine. So we hurried to the car and started to drive to the beach. As we were getting closer to Manhattan beach the sky started to clear and the rain started to dissipate. As we reached our destination the sun was coming through the clouds over the ocean and we began our photo shoot. I had a plan with the photographer to have a sign ready for me to hold behind her while she was looking at the camera. Then she was told to turn around to find me on my knee with her ring and the sign saying "Will you marry me".