Hi, my name is Sherrell Durden, I met my fiancé about 2 years ago while working in human resources. My job was to process new hires into the system so that they can begin working. I was getting Joshua paperwork prepared and needed some additional information from him. He brought me the paperwork and told me I was beautiful as S***, I was like that's a weird analogy, but whatever lol.

Fast forward 4 months later my best friend was working her part-time job and he went in to shop for clothes because he was traveling out of town for the weekend. She called me saying it was a guy she thinks I should go on a date with, not even knowing she already told me I was beautiful prior to meet him. We went on our first day and have been inseparable ever since.

The morning he proposed I has no idea it was coming, We talked about getting married plenty of times before but I wasn't sure when it was he was going to do it. He is a nurse and he came home from work one morning and bought me breakfast from Starbucks, which I love. On my Starbucks cup, he had Mrs. Petty on it and he was playing music in the background. He was talking to me about his day and asked if I like my name on my cup, That's when he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife, I was totally in shock ( especially because It was 7 am) and was ecstatic to be his wife.