I was clueless. I thought I had planned this entire vacation as I was the one who made most of our reservations to the places I had always wanted to visit in New York like (my NYC Bucket list) Serendipity Cafe, have Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dinner at The Press Lounge and a carriage ride around Central Park which he took charge of. He chose a red one my favorite color and we were on the ride for a while and the guy would take pictures of us at different landmarks and suddenly Mike saw some beautiful cherry blossom trees (Pilgrim Hill) and he said we have to take a picture here so we took a couple of selfies and then he said I need to tell you something and I was just expecting some silly joke so I laughed and said what’s up baby “Jackie you have changed my world and my daughters world for the better with your love and positivity, you gave me hope, you have shown me that life can be wonderful. You once told me that every man that has been in your life has let you down, well I want you to know that it stops here! I'm the man who will never let you down and will spend the rest of my life making you happy!" Then he got down on one knee and said my full name Jaquelin Marlene Morales will you marry me? And of course I said YES!!! And jumped on him!! We had an entire crowd of people watching and clapping.. Some sweet lady even took pictures and sent them to us. Oh and the craziest thing was that everytime we go on vacation it rains at some point.. We’ll that day it wasn’t raining all morning until he got on one knee it started to sprinkle little rain drops.