So I and my fiance have known each other since we were kids, 24 yrs now. We were best friends growing up and went our ways and then found each other again, now 4 boys later here we are. Grandma took us to Disney world twice, the 1st yr I really thought he was going to propose but the last night there we stood behind a couple, and that's what they did, really thought that would have been us... One year later we were back at Disney and our family is with us and we went to get are picture in front of the castle and all of a sudden he turned to me and got down on one knee, tears in his eyes and the biggest smile ever and asked will you marry me??? "YES! YES!" I was so surprised that he pulled it off, definitely made up for the previous year ;) and now we will be together forever! We were each other first and we'll be each other last!