Phillip & Lexie


My fiance (Phillip) and I started dating 09/14/12 when I was still in high school (I am 21 he is 23). We are both from the same town (Lawton, OK) and our dads worked together for years at a car dealership. I never knew about Phillip until I found him on Facebook one day. Both of our families are into racecars and when I saw his Mustang on his page and saw that his last name was Kinney I knew he was my dad's friends son (never knew he even had a younger son!) We started talking on Facebook and wasn't long after we started dating. We were young and in love did everything together never wanted to leave each other's side.

When I graduated high school I moved to Stillwater to go to college. Phillip loved his job in our hometown but he quit to move to Stillwater to be with me. Once he moved we got an apartment together and not long after that we got our fur baby (Zeus) it is now my senior year in college and we are engaged! Phillip asked me to marry him after 5.5 years of dating on Christmas Day in our hometown at his parents house in front of the Christmas Tree my parents were also there and everyone was crying (I am the only child so big deal for my mom) I come from a small family and Phillip has a big family but he always made me feel welcomed the ring is gorgeous! Phillip treats me like a queen every day he buys me flowers, takes me out to eat, still opens the car door for me! I would not want to marry anyone else we plan on getting married in May of 2020 :) we are perfect for each other #9/14/12