Anthony & Marissa

Our engagement story isn’t this huge extravagant engagement story but, it was simple and loving.


Anthony and I have known each other since I was fifteen. We dated in High school but of course like young people do we went our own ways. We stayed in touch throughout the years finally we started dating again- finally, the big day came.

It was Easter of last year we went to Sunday church as we normally do and my father told me he planned this huge family barbecue and we should attend to play volleyball and hang out, once we arrived my whole family was there. Anthony and I are huge family people. The thing that meant the most to me is my grandmother has Alzheimer and is very ill so she doesn’t get out too often. Once I saw her out there my eyes just started tearing up. My grandmother is my best friend, hero, biggest supporter, my rock, and my world. After everyone finished eating my father said he had an announcement that he was very proud of Anthony and I and how much he loved us once he was finished Anthony stepped in and said: “In front of your whole family I am asking you to spend the rest of my life with me.” I couldn’t speak where I was so shocked. I cried yes. He took me to my grandmother and she gave me a kiss with tears in her eyes and she told me how proud she was of me. The reason I was so overwhelmed with joy because I told Anthony once the time came for him to ask for my hand he had to get my grandparents permission and at that moment I knew he did and that my grandparents trusted this man to take care of my heart for the rest of our lives.

Our engagement story isn’t the over the top but it was the day my life changed forever. It is our story.