My fiancé suffered a stroke in June of 2017. As a result of the stroke, he suffers from aphasia, which is a language disorder that affects the ability to communicate due to the damage to his brain. I had a conference in Atlantic City in October and he suggested I arrive a day early and utilize one of my room comps at the Borgata so we could have a date night. Unbeknownst to me, he had made reservations at Bobby Flay's Steakhouse, a place we had always wanted to dine. We got dressed for dinner and arrived on time for our reservation. While I finished my entree, under the guise of going to the bathroom, he informed the hostess and our waiter of his plans. After returning from the bathroom, he proceeded to tell me that he lied about why he suggested I come to Atlantic City a day early and before I could get upset about his lying to me, he reached in his pocket and got on one knee. This may all sound unremarkable, but as he began to tell me how much he and our boys love me and that we should spend the rest of our lives together as a family, he did it with perfect clarity and did not stumble over one word! Not only was I in so much shock that I couldn't form the word "yes" to respond to his proposal, but my eyes were filled with tears of pride because he had not spoken that clearly since before his stroke. He finally joked that he wanted to put the ring on my finger, but he was waiting for my answer and I just nodded my head in acceptance because now I was the one that had no words.